What is Radio Cuddleman?


Hi everyone,

My name is Simon Fazio. I'm not a music journalist. Or a writer.

Radio Cuddleman started in May 2016 and is essentially an online space to post all varieties of audio content, starting with 'At Home With Cuddleman'; I guess it's like a radio show without a home - where the idea was to invite musicians over to my home studio in my flat in Melbourne to perform a live session and have a discussion about how they go about doing what they do. It was also an excuse to reconnect with some pals I hadn't seen in a while, and maybe to make a few new friends as well.

The conversations that I have with musicians and artists are mostly about their creative process. I'm also a bit of a gear nerd, and the investigation into the tools each musician crafts their music is something that I personally find interesting, although I try to approach it in a way that's accessible to anyone listening.

So, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy the content. 

Simon (cddlmn@gmail.com)

 Simon Fazio, May 2016, post-haircut.

Simon Fazio, May 2016, post-haircut.